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John Coughlin for County Attorney

John Coughlin, Republican Candidate for Hillsborough County Attorney, is pleased to announce that Dennis Hogan, the prior Republican County Attorney, is endorsing him for the office. Attorney Hogan was first elected to the position in 2010 and proceeded to serve three terms. Mr. Hogan has decided not to seek election as Hillsborough County Attorney in 2020 and will focus on the private practice of law in the Nashua Area instead.

In making his announcement to support John Coughlin, Attorney Hogan stated: “I have known Attorney Coughlin as both a fellow lawyer and a circuit court judge. I have always found him to be capable, knowledgeable and dedicated to the rule of law. The residents of Hillsborough County and the Office of County Attorney itself need new leadership that will restore confidence in the pursuit of justice. John’s experience as a Judge Advocate General (JAG), Judge in the District and Circuit Court Systems, Member and Chairman of the New Hampshire Human Rights Commission and private attorney have well prepared him to serve in this important office. Attorney Coughlin has the respect of law enforcement, the defense bar and our fellow citizens. I am confident that he will provide the necessary and much needed communication and cooperation with the police and the Sheriff’s Office. I am proud to support him for Hillsborough County Attorney.”

The current Hillsborough County Attorney is Democrat Michael Conlon, under whose management the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has assumed control of Hillsborough County prosecutions.