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John Coughlin for County Attorney

John Coughlin, Republican Candidate for Hillsborough County Attorney, is pleased to announce the endorsement of his candidacy by Gary Lambert, NH Senator.

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse John J. Coughlin for Hillsborough County Attorney. I met John when we were both deployed to Iraq. As a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps I was the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate and sometimes the Staff Judge Advocate for the Multi-National Force-Iraq (the senior military lawyer in Iraq).

As part of my duties, I served as the President of the Combined Review and Release Board, consisting of high Iraqi and Coalition officials who reviewed and made recommendations regarding detainees held by US and Coalition Forces. I assigned John (Major Coughlin) to be our legal advisor to the Board. John and I made many convoy trips into and around Baghdad, under dangerous and potentially deadly conditions. I knew that I could always count on John as a former Marine and current Army Officer in any situation, including reviewing our cases and providing cogent, relevant and fair legal advice to the Board as he applied the “Rule of Law” to each and every case. As a former NH State Senator (District 13) and retired Colonel USMC, I endorse John J. Coughlin for Hillsborough County Attorney.