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John Coughlin, candidate for Hillsborough County Attorney, was recently endorsed by the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Read what they had to say below:

“Here is some good news for the citizens and voters of Hillsborough County: John Coughlin wishes to again serve as county attorney.

It is an office that clearly needs an experienced leader capable of restoring this important cog in the wheel of justice. This is especially so in regards to criminal cases. The latter were so badly handled by the inexperienced incumbent that the New Hampshire attorney general had to take temporary charge of the office. That wasted time and money.

That won’t be the case if John Coughlin is elected. And he not only has his tenure in that office to recommend him. Coughlin has just retired after serving for 16 years as a circuit court (formerly district court) judge. Add to that his multiple tours of military service in Iraq and a more compelling resume is hard to imagine.

It is also in sharp contrast to Coughlin’s opponent in the Republican primary this September 8.

Atty. Daniel Hynes has had his criminal record for extortion annulled but the fact of it remains. So too does the one-year suspension from the state bar that the state Supreme Court saw fit to apply in the wake of his conviction.

John Coughlin is far and away the better choice for voters, in September and then in November’s general election.”

View the full article and endorsement here: